Александр Буйнов рассказал о конфликтах в семье The singer came up with an unusual way of reconciliation with his wife. Alexander Buinov said pearl wedding, with his beloved Alena he is happy for thirty years. “Like yesterday,” wrote the actor on Twitter.

      Александр Буйнов рассказал о конфликтах в семье

      Popular singer Alexander Buinov, celebrating these days thirty years of happy married life with his beloved wife, Alena, admitted that the relationship in their family was never idyllic. And helped the couple to reconcile a terrific sense of humor Alexander, who once came up with a very non-trivial way to win serduszka on him after another quarrel wife Alyona.

      This wonderful scheme, which nothing but a smile, not able to call, 65-year-old Maestro was published in the microblog. He put in a frame found in the archive a portrait of his young beautiful wife and accompanied him cute lettering nickname “Khoroshki”.

      “Once, when we had a fight to the death, I came up with this installation. Went to the “dog” store, I saw “sled” dog with the words “very pretty”, well, I think, for my at the time will be! Whinnying all morning! Made up, of course, wrote Alexander Buinov. – A photo of a Komsomol ticket. We’ve just met. 1986. French-kissing in the New year. Thirty years ago. Like yesterday…”

      Saw this cute post, fans of Alexander Buynova began to praise him for his resourcefulness and ingenuity, and also to congratulate the beloved actor and his wife with such a solid date. “Take care of your Horosco!”, “Lots and lots of happiness to you and your family”, “Good very pretty! Congratulations!”, – responded to a story about the personal life of the fans of Alexander Buynova.

      It is worth noting that Allen is the third wife of a famous artist, which he found a real family happiness. Two previous marriage, Alexander Bujnov not brought him the peace and feeling of safety behind which people hope to gain by creating a family. Violent met Alyona when he was in a second marriage. Beautiful, kind and open girl won his heart forever. Now Buinova live in a large hospitable house where guests often gather.

      Alena was great with my daughter husband from his second marriage Julia and considers her three children, their grandchildren. Alexander Buinov has a reputation as the consummate grandfather. He doted of a grandson and granddaughters Sasha-twins Sophia and Dasha. Granddaughter of Alexander Buynova grow its copies

      Giving an interview to journalists, the famous grandfather definitely talks about heirs, about how involved in their upbringing and considers his grandchildren the most important award.

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