Стало известно, кто убил звезду «Голоса» The police have established the identity of the offender who shot an American pop singer last Friday in Orlando. He was a native of St. Petersburg Kevin Loibl. Currently, law enforcement officers examine his personal belongings, to understand the cause of the incident.

      Стало известно, кто убил звезду «Голоса»

      Police in Orlando, Florida, published in his “Twitter” information about the killer the star of the American show “the Voice” Christina Grimmie. Law enforcement officers established his identity. The young singer shot and killed 27-year-old Kevin James Loebl, a native of St. Petersburg, Florida. Online also posted a photo of this man.

      Shot after the concert, the singer died in the US

      Foreign media reported that on Kevin little is known. The man did not use social networks. According to police, had no criminal record, and he never was prosecuted in Florida.

      Стало известно, кто убил звезду «Голоса»

      It is also known that the murderer’s house there was a note, handwritten. Apparently, its authorship belongs to relatives of Kevin. Its content is: “deepest condolences to the family, friends and fans a very talented, lovely Christina Grimmie. No more comments”.

      As previously reported, Loibl purchased two firearms, ammunition and hunting knife to take down Grimmie. The killer managed to carry all of this through security at The Plaza Live, where the performance of girls and band Before You Exit, because the building, as it turned out, was not installed metal detectors. According to journalists, the guards of the concert hall was unarmed.

      Law enforcement officials say that Kevin was hardly familiar with Christina. However, according to the chief of police Orlando John Mines, the purpose of Loibl was Grimmie. He was planning to kill her. The reason for the crime is currently not installed. To this end, the police are carefully studying the computer, mobile phone and other personal belongings of Laible.

      Recall that the murder of a 22-year-old Christina Grimmie, the soloist of the group Before You Exit, and finalists American show “the Voice”, took place on Friday in Orlando during the autograph session. Kevin Loibl approached and fired several shots at her. After brother Grimmie tried to detain the criminal, he committed suicide.

      Christina Grimmie became known for its own blog on YouTube, where he uploaded covers of songs by popular artists. At the moment the page of the singer more than three million subscribers. The number of views some clips Grimmie up to several million. Christina also participated in the filming of the American show “the Voice.” She took third place in the final program.

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