СМИ сообщают о беременности Эмбер Херд The actress filed for divorce with johnny Depp, fearing for the baby. Amber heard is said to have declared that because of its interesting position has no desire to be with a man who can raise her hand.

      СМИ сообщают о беременности Эмбер Херд

      Not the first week of the world community with interest the details of the scandalous divorce of the two stars, johnny Depp and amber heard. It seems that the big story is just beginning to gain momentum, revealing all new details of the joint lives of celebrities.

      Amber heard, which has repeatedly criticized the greed and material interest in the divorce from the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, suddenly refused content, assigned to her ex-husband. But the actress could in what does not refuse, getting on for eight months at 50 thousand dollars each. But as it turned out, the motive of the divorce of amber is different. Western media reported that the ex-wife of johnny Depp pregnant and this circumstance caused her to leave her husband. Heard afraid Depp, who repeatedly raised her hand, as she also stated in court. Amber heard showed signs of beating husband. PHOTO

      According to amber, her concern is not the money, and their own security that no one can guarantee her until she is close with johnny Depp. And now the actress needs to think about the future baby and to save his life and health, as suggested by the actress, she can only be away from her husband. In addition, it intends to achieve through court for full custody of the child, because Depp is not in itself, and he can’t be trusted with the care of the baby.

      However, as reported by the same tabloid, and she amber heard is not a meek lamb, which is trying to present themselves. Beauty once was the initiator of physical abuse. In 2009, the star of the film “the Rum diary” had an affair with artist Tasya van Dee. This girl suffered sudden aggression heard. Journalists believe that such a detail from the past, amber can change the course of divorce proceedings Depp and heard. The court will understand which of the pairs showed aggression and provoked the fight in their family.


      “They are both temperamental and capricious nature, with its own opinion on any issue,” said the people around the couple. – Views do not often coincide, and people with strong characters it is always hard to admit wrong or to take the first step towards reconciliation”.

      Recall that by filing a petition for divorce, the actress pointed out as the cause of irreconcilable differences that have destroyed their marriage. Amber demanded that Depp was forcibly sent on a course on anger management. However, the court did not satisfy this requirement of the actress. The second meeting of jury will take place on 17 June.

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