Алекса показала брутального бойфренда Singer demonstrates the passionate feelings with a loved one. Alex captured a passionate kiss with lover during a romantic walk around Moscow. Fans got a look at the beloved graduates of “Factory of stars”.

      A graduate of “star Factory-4” Alex tries to keep secret his personal life. Fans are still speculating about who could win the heart of beauty. Alex decided to show all his fans sincere feelings with the chosen one. Apparently, the couple decided to arrange a romantic walk around Moscow and in some point they were so overwhelmed by the feelings that the singer decided to capture on camera a passionate kiss. Apparently, the frame was so impressed the girl that she decided to share it with many fans.

      “This is happiness, to realize that there is such an incredible person in my life that never ceases to please me, surprise, proud, sincere smile, to be real. You – man-magic!” – Alex enthusiastically wrote in his microblog.

      The chosen one Alex fans considered brutal young man. Despite the fact that the artist showed his beloved, no other information about it, she said. Fans are very happy that in the personal life of the singer, everything is fine.

      “I wish you happiness! I liked the “Factory”, after I have, unfortunately, not seen often. Wanted to see you, but you are happy and in love. Let it be always!” “I’m so happy for you, Sasha. Be happy”, “Here is a direct seen a real person – don’t even know now how every second of candle made as mannequins all, and he’s just seen is real” “He is with you very, very lucky,” wrote the followers of a celebrity.

      Not so long ago, Alex was intrigued by the public lengthy discussions about relationships. Then fans speculated that she may have had a disagreement with your beloved, such thoughts appeared in her head.

      “In life, in relationships everything can happen. It is very bad. Sometimes terrible. And you can infinitely change good for the best until it breaks. And will you go again and circle. And can learn to love. Yes, that’s right. Every day for the rest of your life, you’ll learn to love someone you once chose your heart. To forgive, to hurt, to worry, to cry, to seek and not to find excuses and to forgive again. And then you will understand. And from that moment you will not learn, you do,” concluded the graduate of “factory of stars”.