Стас Садальский жестко осудил наследника Татьяны Васильевой The actor posted on a social network post, which revealed the truth about the son of his colleagues. According to the artist, Philip Vasiliev has decorated the apartment, bought by the mother, himself and his wife. However, later heir to the stars waiting for the divorce, his ex-wife left her husband, taking 350 thousand euros.

      Стас Садальский жестко осудил наследника Татьяны Васильевой

      Stas Sadalsky did not hide his emotions, so often expressed point of view on social media pages. Again shocked users bold statements or sharp criticism to address some of the colleagues. This time the object of condemnation was the son of colleagues Sadalsky creative Duo of Tatiana Vasilyeva. According to Stanislav, 36-year-old Philip still sitting on the neck of the mother.

      “Never ceases to delight the mother of the boy Philip, issued his, then his wife’s apartment, bought by the mother, half a million euros donated by the grandmother to the grandchildren gave her. The wife, despite luxury gifts mother-in-law, went to another, got pregnant. Filippok did not want to be left behind: found the girl Mary, and she the same to give birth. What a happy grandma! Will soon be another mouth, only manage to drive across the country with concerts. We wish good health of the horse mother of Philip Vasiliev!”, – wrote with irony Sadalsky in his microblog.

      Members of a famous actor has supported this position and acceded to his wishes. “Tough, but so often. Health and strength Tatyana!”, “Blind maternal love!” “It’s time a respected and beloved of our actress to start thinking about yourself! About their desires, about your happiness!”, “Like Mature Philip, not yet realized that the mother should be protected, at least not wasting its money,” wrote the social network users.

      She Vasilyev rarely talk about their children. However, in one interview, the actress explained that her son and daughter, Philip, and Elizabeth, should not want for anything. The senior heir is still studying, and the youngest tries himself in design. The son was married to actress Anastasia Begunova, but because of infidelity women, their marriage broke up. She left the family and took the lives of 350 thousand euros. Besides, as wrote mass-media, daughter-in-law was blackmailing mother in law, demanding for the meeting of the artist with his grandchildren the money. Tatiana Vasilyev stole hundreds of thousands of euros

      After the trial it was agreed that the large apartment will remain Anastasia, although purchased was the mother of Philip. Heir Vasilyeva moved dacha outside Moscow. However, the actress comic genre claims that will be the last to help the children.

      “I did not have one. And children don’t owe me anything. They must not live as I live. It’s just a disaster. I’m afraid to hurt, for example. Not even because I was afraid of the pain, no. I’m afraid of what can not work. I don’t want anyone to be a burden, don’t want me someone cared. No! I used that on my hands. I one, I’ve never could count”, – Vasilyev told reporters.