Алесия Войс рассказала о встрече с Демисом Руссосом, дуэте с Иосифом Кабзоном и планах на будущее
Alesia voice ( @alessia_voice ) — bright, talented and young singer who managed to conquer his tracks the hearts of many listeners.

Алесия Войс рассказала о встрече с Демисом Руссосом, дуэте с Иосифом Кабзоном и планах на будущее

Alesia voice ( @alessia_voice ) — bright, talented and young singer who managed to conquer his tracks the hearts of many listeners.

Алесия Войс рассказала о встрече с Демисом Руссосом, дуэте с Иосифом Кабзоном и планах на будущее

According to most artist: she even thought that he would play something in the genre of pop, because he studied Opera. Why Alesia decided to change the genre, but also about the difficulties of the ascent to the musical Olympus, the singer frankly told herself.

– What was your childhood like?

I was born and raised in Moscow. My childhood was very bright, saturated. It was held in the arts: dancing, music school, choir, concerts, shooting, voice recording and vocals for commercials, and numerous appearances with the stars of our platform. Once was even lucky enough to perform on the same stage with Greek singer Demis the Roussos.

Of course, I always dreamed of the big stage and dreamed of becoming a Musician with a capital letter.

Today I and one dreamy girl, two entirely different people. Since then has passed not so a lot of time, I met different people, gained a lot of creative and life experience, many difficult situations had to go, but it all ultimately made me the person I am now.

One of the most vivid childhood memories is participating in the filming of “the Blue Light”, where we together with the choir sang with incredible Iosif Kobzon legendary song “Hope”. Then many years this issue where I-frame close-UPS, often shown on TV.

– What started your interest in music?

When I was just a pup, the first thing I heard from my parents is humming some kind of melody, but not the first words. Perhaps in that moment decided my fate. Seeing my love for music, at age 6, my parents sent me to music school. And also 6 years old I began to attend previously a very famous choir, radio and television Viktor Sergeevich Popov. It so happened that mom and dad are close friends with the family Opera singers of the world-my home version, which in my childhood decided to take me under his wing. With them and began my first serious steps in music. I studied on the course have-my home version of Pavel Alexandrovich (academic vocal) in Moscow state University of culture and the world was preparing to become an Opera singer. Thanks to my mentors, I even got an internship at Accademia del Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

At some point after graduation, I realized that I didn’t want to do Opera singing and don’t associate myself with a true Opera diva. It so happened that for personal reasons I stopped singing and became immersed in family relationships. In this period, as probably any creative person in a period of stagnation, I began to have doubts – trying to understand if this is my path, whether I want to continue to make music and to connect his life with this sphere. At that moment I decided that no. Then for a long time to listen to ourselves and doubt. In the end, fate brought me back to music. I didn’t think, God knows better and I’m back on this path.

My return started with the fact that I was invited to work as a singer with a very famous artist. And I accepted the offer, without a second thought. Musical life scoring key – rehearsals, concerts, tours. I felt the scene in a grown-up version of yourself. To convey these emotions in words, of course, impossible, can only be experienced. An incredible exchange of energy! When you sing, and thousands of people pulling for you hands and sing along with you. This is akin to depending on when you want more and more and already can’t imagine myself without these emotions..
Hour concert flew in one breath, as if it took only 5 minutes. And you get so much adrenaline that you’re ready at least 5 of these concerts work.

At some point our relationship with this artist went wrong and work together ended. But it was only for the better – I realized that I wanted to sing a solo and build your own career. Also came to the conclusion that if you want to become a successful pop singer – will have to put a lot of effort to relearn. They say that if you speak classical school of singing, you can sing all, but it’s not. Do not listen if you ever say something like that. These are two completely different schools and techniques. Quite different the vocal apparatus works. And me at first, especially after a long break, it was very hard to sing pop songs. Having made this decision, I frantically walk to numerous private schools of the vocals in search of a place where there would be everything I wanted to and how I’ve seen it all. Alas, not found that is also crucial because I decided to create it myself. Thus was born the Studio vocals VOICE STUDIO, the student which is me.

All of the mentors Studio the strongest teachers, active artists with extensive stage experience; they have participated in various TV projects, competitions (of course with higher professional education and extensive teaching experience). In the process of teaching uses the best and most efficient of the existing vocal techniques.

In adolescence I wrote a lot myself and I had a thick Songbook, which, unfortunately, was lost and not one song not there received life.

For a long time I never returned to writing and recently decided to try it. Thus was born my first track “disagree”, created together with the lovely author Maria Gusarova’s that I submitted on 31 January 2019 at the legendary night club SOHO ROOMS. It is with this track and started my way pop singer.

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