Alena Vodonaeva not going back to the ex-spouse

Алена Водонаева не намерена возвращаться к экс-супругу The TV presenter is tired of discussions of his personal life. A few days ago, Alena was placed in the microblog the son Bogdan with his father. This shot caused a flurry of comments from the subscribers of the star. They advised her to get back together with her ex-husband. Vodonaeva decided to clarify the situation.

      TV presenter and model Alena Vodonaeva tired of the rumors that go around her life, so decided to clarify the situation. Recently these debates have caused the frame in the microblog star of the reality show “Dom-2” on which her son Bogdan embraces with his father, Alexei Malakaeva. Users of the social network suggested that Alena could have feelings for her ex-husband, as she broke up recently with her boyfriend Anton Korotkov.

      Vodonaeva and Malakai divorced in 2013. However, they still communicate, as Bogdan needs attention as mom and dad. TV host EN TV explained that her connection to Alex.

      “Dad Bogdan, we do not live for five years. Broke up when son was a year. We’ve been friends. We managed to keep a good, kind, trusting and respectful relationship. Anything was possible, and sometimes. I bet we are – real people do not always agree. Just nobody knows about it, and especially Bogdan. We always first think about the child, about his benefit and his comfort. We respect each other, concede, consult. We have no such “who in the woods, who for firewood”. Everything is clear, everything is planned together. And, thank Siberian winter, we have a common line of conduct in the upbringing and education of his son. We always say Bo only good things about the other parent ( I’m talking about Alex, he about me ). I’ll never tell my son anything bad about dad, despite what dad may say. We are satisfied with such relations. Everyone has their own life, including personal,” – said Vodonaeva in the microblog.

      According to star, she tries never to think about the past and look back, unless she wants to. “But I don’t know what’s going to happen in this galaxy that I have to someone came back,” – said Vodonaeva.

      In this candid record of leading and decided to look towards the future husband, whom she hopes to meet soon. A young woman believes that in 2017, one way or another get married. Alain Vodonaeva on the new boyfriend: “I saw it on photos of friends”

      “Despite everything, I believe in love. Looking at my parents, I only believe in it, not afraid of her and go meet her. After all, somewhere you go, look at me, think about me, but don’t know that I love peonies, hot tea in the morning, go on dates, kiss, cuddle, watch movies and dream . We just have not yet met and before our meeting must go through in life are lessons, tests and situations,” wrote Vodonaeva.