Ex-member of the “Voices” of Eugene Vamadeva: “Leps have helped open my gift”

Экс-участница «Голоса» Евгения Дравина: «Лепс помог раскрыть мой дар» The singer has told about the preparation of the project and the difficulties of performing on stage. Eugene Vamadeva from the team of Grigory Leps reached the stage of “Knockouts”, but then it failed to continue the fight.

      Экс-участница «Голоса» Евгения Дравина: «Лепс помог раскрыть мой дар»

      Show “the Voice” continues to draw to screens more and more fans of music competitions. In the new issue took place on the stage of Knockouts. The performers sang well-known songs composed of triples. But only one man could continue to participate in the project. Each coach chooses the order in which stepped on the stage guys.

      The broadcast began with performances under the direction of Polina Gagarina and at the end of the program came to the wards of Grigory Leps. Eugene Vamadeva was found in the KnockoutsLouise Imangulova and Ilya Tail. Appearing on stage in sky-blue outfit she performed the song “Eternal love” from the film “Teheran-43”, which in the original is singing by the famous French singer Charles Aznavour. Unfortunately, Eugene failed to beat your opponents and Grigory Leps had to part with a member of the team.

      “Quietly rising. You need to study music further, the sense will be” – with these words the coach said goodbye to Eugene.

      “StarHit” talked with the singer and got to know her impressions of the show “the Voice” and plans for the future.

      – Zhenya, what’s your impression of the project?

      I’m grateful to the show “the Voice” for the experience and the work that helped me realize what I’m capable of. Need to try more to achieve success. I was happy to stand on the stage, to sing, to give energy to the audience and to her from a mentor was charging me 100 percent.

      – Were you satisfied with the work of Grigory Leps?

      – I originally really wanted to get the team to him. Grigory Leps turned on the last phrase and gave me the chance. Glad that my mentor is individual and today this quality is often lost. I remember all of his advice and suggestions.

      – What do you do for a living? How did you prepare for “the Voice”?

      – I finish College at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of “Opera singing”. To be honest, I’m not doing pop vocals. My preparations for the project began two or three months in advance. I went on the show to reveal themselves on stage, yet the stage and the Opera are very different. I was stuck, thank you “Voice” for my emancipation.

      Экс-участница «Голоса» Евгения Дравина: «Лепс помог раскрыть мой дар»

      – Why was this contest? After all, you and so popular in the Network, you have a lot of followers on Instagram.

      Yeah, subscribers I do a lot. Thank you to all those who appreciates me and cares about my life. I try to reply to all the comments. Share pieces of his speeches and scenes from life. Most users charge me with your warm responses, and those who do not like something, only motivate me to move forward!

      – What are your Hobbies?

      – I am very versatile, thanks native. My mom is my closest friend and helper. Since childhood, I played sports, now take the time to surf. From an early age I was singing, even finished the musical and choral school. In the last two years engaged in painting.

      Экс-участница «Голоса» Евгения Дравина: «Лепс помог раскрыть мой дар»

      – What do you do besides singing? How do you spend your free time?

      – I plunged into painting, some sell, but most of my paintings decorate the house. Also, seriously, Wake-surf and surfing, I love yoga. At the end of December fly to Bali to practice. Free time I have little. Last year, I’m constantly busy with my studies, preparing for the thesis presentation in may.

      – Who do you think will win “the Voice” this season?

      – I’m really rooting for Niko Neman and Sasha Panayotov. Both guys from my team. I think they deserve to win.