Alena Vodonaeva has publicly cursed the family of Arshavina

Алена Водонаева публично обругала семью Аршавиных Model and TV presenter commented on the conflict in the family of a football player. While Vodonaeva did not hesitate in expressions and “walked” across the athlete and his wife, condemning women forgiving infidelity.

A few weeks ago Andrew and Alice Arshavin was on the verge of divorce. However, after a public apology of a footballer on the pages of “StarHit” the wife forgave him. Having survived the crisis in the family, Alice and Andrew happy again. Now the family is resting in the Maldives. Andrei Arshavin for the first time about divorce: “I walked and now I regret”

Alain Vodonaeva decided to assess the relationship of the star couple. The presenter rather sharply expressed in the address of both spouses.

“Recently in a press there was an information that the wife of Andrei Arshavin after learning about the infidelities of a spouse, quit it! Said, not forgive you! I was glad. My pride was overcome for the character, position and dignity. Have thought about this woman! Well done, know their value. Not a pale moth, which, as most women in similar situations, chewed, ate, and forgive” – shared TV presenter.

Then Vodonaeva admitted that he can’t understand when women forgive unfaithful husbands. Model in a rude manner accused the fairer sex, a soft character and dislike for yourself. “And if you found out and you forgave – you fool! No more, no less,” asked Alena to the fans.

The presenter urged all women not to forgive infidelity and betrayal of the beloved. Vodonaeva also hinted that it is not necessary in the Network to sort things out.

“And when it still happens publicly, that I am ashamed of the entire female gender… And, well, forgive the wife of Andrei Arshavin and went with him to relax on the Maldives… What can I say, good work! And you seen cheating? And who you ended up on this chessboard? A Queen or a pawn?”, summed up your post Alain.

Fans of the TV immediately left comments under the post.

“Let’s see what will make Olga Buzova”, “standing ovation, Alain!”, “Better that than to live with a traitor”, “well Done! A good example for many women!” “Great post,” “the Golden words!”, “Alain is absolutely right” – supported Vodonaevu fans.

The heroes themselves are the publication of Andrew and Alice did not answer Alain.