Pregnant Yelena Zakharova wardrobe upgrade for the winter

Беременная Елена Захарова обновила гардероб к зиме Very soon, the actress born baby. At the moment Elena Zakharova is preparing for the upcoming important event. Recently, the celebrity decided to go shopping to buy stylish and fashionable clothes, designed for subzero temperatures.
Беременная Елена Захарова обновила гардероб к зиме

Elena Zakharova is preparing to become a mother. The actress is no longer able to hide his interesting position from the public. Despite the pregnancy, Elena refuses to go out and interview. At the same time the star tries not to comment on his interesting position. Zakharov avoids talking about the future baby and preparing for the big event.

Recently, a pregnant Elena decided to update your wardrobe. Star went to a boutique for new moms to purchase warm clothes designed for winter. Apparently, the actress was satisfied with the shopping. In social networks there is a picture of Elena with the bulk package. The picture shows the actress smiling broadly and looking very happy.

“And we have visited a fantastic theater and film actress, beautiful and expectant mother Elena Zakharova! Together we picked the perfect wardrobe option for a special situation Elena and the upcoming winter. Shopping is definitely a success. Thank you for your incredible energy! And for credibility,” such a publication appeared in the microblog of the store.
Беременная Елена Захарова обновила гардероб к зиме

On Wednesday, the TV channel TVC showed a programme “My hero” with Zakharova. The actress told a leading Tatiana Ustinova on the beginning of his career, admission to the Shchukin school and working with Oleg Tabakov.

“It was such a joy! In “Snuff” for six years, I worked as a guest actress. After so many years, and I still remember these rehearsals – how humor, positive, with what love and kindness is the Oleg Pavlovich, the artists, all incredibly valuable,” – said Elena.

In addition, the actress shared her plans for the future. According to Zakharova, she wants to create a family. It is no secret that the star had bad luck with the opposite sex. “Good question – if I understand men. You know, there’s always someone in something to accuse. But then I think that we ourselves find such – which sometimes plague us, betray, I do not understand. But it’s my choice. It seems to me that I was surrounded by so many good men, but I always liked the bad guys” – shared the actress.

Previously Elena Zakharova appeared at the opening of the corner fashion brand. The actress got acquainted with the novelties of the brand and tried on her favourite things. Guests of the evening noted that the woman looked beautiful. Zakharova appeared before the public in a white blouse and jeans. Elena complements your look with a bright red jacket and tiny purse on a chain. In addition to Zakharova, at a social event was marked by Yulia Proskuryakova, Olga Kabo, Ekaterina Velichenko, and many others. Pregnant Elena Zakharova appeared at social events