Alena Vodonaeva do not regret the money on a luxury gift for parents

Алена Водонаева не пожалела денег на шикарный подарок для родителей TV presenter helps loved ones with the repair. As it turned out, Alena Vodonaeva bought mom and dad’s apartment in the Krasnodar region. Thus celebrity congratulated the family with an important event – they were married last fall.
Алена Водонаева не пожалела денег на шикарный подарок для родителей

TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva decided to do something nice for your parents. Star helped close people to realize their cherished dream. Alena did not spare funds to buy the family estate in the resort town. The choice of the celebrity family fell on Krasnodar Krai. According to Alena, the local climate will positively affect the health of mom and dad.

About how much cost a gift for parents, Vodonaeva decided not to report. The star works hard to support the family. Alena not only starred in commercials, and TV shows, and is well known as a blogger – Instagram celebrity with over two million subscribers. Therefore, the act of Vodonaevoy was not a surprise for her fans.

“It is time to share a little personal joy and a dream come true for my parents. They have three years wanted the apartment to the South. And this fall, mom and dad were married, and I went ahead with the gift. Gelendzhik! Meet your new neighbors in the face of our family! Winter parents now will definitely be there, and we will come to reboot. Mom in the South in General there is no pressure and no headache, you will not tell about Moscow in the last time”, – said Alena.

Social media users praised Vodonaevu for the gift of loved ones and shared a personal experience. “Well done, all for parents”, “Yeah, I can confirm that southern health is getting better. I get headaches and pressure problems, but there all as a hand shoots”, “Wonderful daughter”, “Congratulations! Noumea – an amazing place”, “a Decent choice for regular life”, “our regiment has arrived” “great news”, commented fans Alena.

Turning to subscribers, Vodonaeva also asked them for advice. Star is going to help parents with the repairs. Alena admitted that he spent a lot of time and effort to previous work on housing arrangement and asked the professionals to send letters to her portfolio.

“My husband and I are looking for a good, proven team of builders who will do our repairs. With affordable prices and a clean reputation. Bred and those who do not meet the deadlines, please do not worry! I already ate not one dog on the repair myself who want to divorce. Me where you sit there and slezesh. The design we have come up with the layout too. Window and veranda overlook the sea, so the repair will be in white, southern tones. (…) We will immediately get in touch with the right people. Dad will fly to Noumea to engage in “construction”, so already on the ground will understand”, – said the leader.