My son Andrey Malakhov has a baby brother

У сына Андрея Малахова появился братик The family of TV presenter happened replenishment. Younger sister Natalia Kulevoy Elena became the mother of a charming boy. The baby was born in one of the Moscow clinics. The mother and the newborn feel fine.
У сына Андрея Малахова появился братик

Recently Andrei Malakhov and Natalia shkuleva were first time parents. The star couple had a son, who was called Alexander. The name of the boy was chosen using telezritelei vote.

Now mother was the sister of Natalia – Elena. A young woman gave birth to a son. The boy, weighing 4020 grams and height of 56 cm was born in one of Moscow’s perinatal centers. As it became known “StarHit” mom and baby are both doing very well.

About pregnancy Helena became known in the autumn, when the young woman couldn’t hide rounded tummy during a visit to social events. Fans of sisters Skulevich was delighted, because female relatives got pregnant almost simultaneously. Now all of them will be able to walk with the kids and share parental secrets.

Elena shkuleva and her husband Artem are familiar from a school bench. The couple were married for several years before I learned about the imminent addition to the family.

By the way, sister Natalia who was younger than her by four years, lives on the same street that the family of Andrey Malakhov, and so little to the heir of the presenter exactly who will play when he’s a little older.

Recently the presenter for the first time spoke in detail about his father’s worries. He once again stressed that his wife is an ideal mother to little Sasha.

“Before our family became three, much to the wife surprised me, but what a wonderful mother is Natasha, I could not imagine! And the fact that his grandmother Tamara will buy all the baby clothes within the Garden ring, also did not expect,” – said the presenter “StarHit”.

According to Malakhov, the host mother Lyudmila takes care that the newborn was just the best toys. She tries at every meeting with her grandson to give to his interesting gift.

New mother Elena shkuleva, in turn, during the entire pregnancy was active. A young woman holds the post of brand Director of Marie Claire magazine, therefore regularly takes part in social events. Now sister Natalia will be able to fully enjoy socializing with the baby. It is unknown what name was chosen for her little brother Sasha Malakhov, but the fact that the boys will become real friends, beyond doubt.