Alena Sviridova spoke about the terrible childhood trauma

Алена Свиридова заговорила о страшной детской травме The singer open up in the program “the Secret to a million.” Issue with the participation of Alena Sviridova show on may 19. The celebrity spoke about his love and relationship with children, and also remembered how her parents lived.
Алена Свиридова заговорила о страшной детской травме

The heroine of the new issue of the “million dollar Secret”, which will show in the NTV this Saturday, may 19, became the 55-year-old Alena Sviridova. Singer, actress and TV presenter proud of its age and is not shy to call himself a pensioner. Fans believe that Allen lives life to the fullest. However, it was not always. As it turned out, in the childhood of the future star has taken a severe injury.

Apparently, Sviridova extremely negative memories of his father. “I honestly still don’t sympathize with alcoholics and really don’t like them,” says Allen in a video posted on the channel’s website. According to the artist, her parents are “not very well lived”.

“The worst injury is when the closest person suddenly turns into another”, – said the singer leading the program, Lera Kudryavtseva.
Алена Свиридова заговорила о страшной детской травме

In the program it will go and the novels of Alena Sviridova. The singer will explain why I broke up with her first husband, Sergei Sviridov after five years of relationship. According to some, now the man is in Canada. In this marriage Alena has a son Vasily. He lives with his father.

Second husband of Alena became a member of the American Embassy in Russia Henry peacock. Wedding lovers was held on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. The singer tells viewers what the problem faced, being the wife of a diplomat, as well as talk about adultery third choice.

Alena Sviridova is in a civil marriage with businessman David Vardanyan. The couple is not hiding their relationship and often appears at social events. For the first time on the new novel Sviridova became known in 2012. The lovers ‘ happiness does not interfere with the age difference – the choice of celebrities younger than her almost 15 years.

In the Network regularly appeared rumors that David and Alena were married, but while the pair has no plans to go to the registry office. The fact that Sviridov decided not to get married. According to celebrity, the meaning of marriage is not the stamp in the passport. In the new show “the Secret” one million star will remember how they were born her affair with David, and tell how the chosen one responded to her reluctance to walk down the aisle.

In addition, Sviridov will acquaint spectators with their closest people – mother, brother and sons. Education senior heir Basil interfered with my singing career, but her youngest child was spoiled by care.