Стали известны подробности последних часов жизни экс-супруга Ирины Аллегровой This week died, the former husband of the famous singer, who served time in prison for five years for drug possession. Igor Kapusta passed away in the hospital, which appealed to pass an examination. The man wanted to finish all the formalities and return to new beloved.
Стали известны подробности последних часов жизни экс-супруга Ирины Аллегровой

Recently died, the former husband of Irina Allegrova Igor Cabbage. The man went to the doctors to pass an examination. Being in one of the hospitals of Saint-Petersburg, ex-husband of a celebrity caught it from other patients General ward. Kale picked up an infection that became fatal for him. About it journalists were told by his sister Galina.

Died, the former husband of Irina Allegrova

Close Igor believe that his body could not cope with the infection. In a short time she brought him to serious pneumonia with edema of lung tissues. Over time the man got well. His condition worsened with each passing day.

“My brother was taken to the intensive care unit. Light didn’t react at all, joined the auxiliary muscles of the abdomen,” said the sister of ex-wife Galina Allegrova.
Стали известны подробности последних часов жизни экс-супруга Ирины Аллегровой

Before the sad events of the Cabbage fell into critical condition. According to journalists, he ceased to sleep or eat, couldn’t move. Relatives of Igor was hoping that the doctors will put him on his feet. However, the efforts of medical specialists were in vain. The man died in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

According to relatives of Cabbage, his condition significantly worsened after a stay in jail. Last spring, the man was released from prison – he spent five years in a strict regime colony in the village of Fornosovo in the Leningrad region. “This is a time – shared ex-husband Allegrova in the program “New Russian sensations”. – While there are no sensations. I came out stunned, watching the street at all is a completely different eyes. No, not wild – I just always lacked communication. Lack of communication is scary, of course.”

In June, the sister of Igor Galina told the media that he was diagnosed with a serious illness – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the severe stage. The cabbage helped in many ways by experts, but even they could not affect his situation, which was estimated as very complex.

With his ex-wife Irina Allegrovoj Igor did not communicate. Kale met with the singer in the 90’s. the Lovers have not made the relationship official. It is known that they were married, taking the passports of friends. Just Allegrova and Cabbage had been married for several years. The chosen star wanted to prove to her his worth, but things are not going smoothly. Knowing that Igor was unfaithful, the singer decided to put an end to their relationship.

According Sobesednik.ru in recent time, the Cabbage began to go downhill. After the man was released, he found a new love. Despite the terrible diagnosis, Igor does not despair. Fiancee’s ex-husband Allegrova was planning to give him a baby.