Alena Sviridova has discovered the secret of its unearthly beauty

Алена Свиридова открыла секрет своей неземной красоты
55-year-old singer showed how fights wrinkles.

Photo: Instagram

Alena Sviridova recently turned 55, but no one gives it to her age. Finally, the singer revealed to fans the secret to her timeless face. This mud!

Every time a star is on vacation (by the way, it is unlike many of my colleagues prefer the Crimea, and not foreign resorts), it necessarily looking for “mud” space. Singer applies the mask to the entire body. It gives the skin smoothness and elasticity. And Alain certainly takes away a few cans mud home in Moscow to a long autumn and winter period to save his skin from the cold and wind. At home Sviridov at least once a week to make a mask on the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

The figure of the singer is also wonderful. On the day of his birth Alena was joking about the put she’s now retired and published a photo in a bright pink bathing suit, showing a perfect figure!

“Okay, bring on retirement! — posted by Sviridov in his personal blog. — I’m ready! But first swim a couple of kilometers!” And added to the post a few funny hashtags #armonosiamente and #devicenameunicodestring.

Age Alain himself does not feel. And “rights” she does not, because her young husband! David Vardanyan younger singer for 14 years, but the age difference they have in their relationship do not feel. Sviridov presented beloved of the public in the program “Let them talk” in 2012, when it was still led by Andrey Malakhov. Then this news produced a bombshell. However, detractors, seeing as blossomed Alain David, to restrain their ardor to gossip and come to terms with the current situation.