Pregnant Rita Dakota attacked the chosen one

Беременная Рита Дакота напала на избранника The singer unveiled the long-awaited – clip for the lyric composition “Who is” dedicated to the complicated relationship between two young people. The plot of the video is the heroine of Rita Dakota serious quarrel with her boyfriend and is actively vents his anger.

Rita Dakota, which is preparing for the completion of the family, presented the lyric video for the song “Who”, in which she starred, being in an interesting position. Composition, dedicated to the problems between the two young people found an echo in the hearts of fans of the ex-“fabrikantki”. The new track artist are the following lines:

Who am I now without your love and affection?
Falling down, falling down, falling down, but this is not the limit.
Who am I to you? Well, answer honestly!
And smile, smile, smile. Hurt me like you wanted.

The plot of the video is the heroine of Dakota fights with her boyfriend, played by a young man with model looks. Young people are actively arguing and impulsively taking up arms.

Fans of the singer and composer supported it video a large number of “likes” and encouraging comments. They wished Rita not to rest on our laurels and continue to delight the audience with their songs. “The track is strong, beautiful clip, beautiful actor”, “All smartly creeps up, however, as always, Congratulations on the premiere! The bomb and the video is mesmerizing, Very cool job, just a delight”, “the Best thing I heard and saw Russian artists”, “Rita, you’re driving, gentle and sincere. Thank your team and you”, “deeply”, “Clean buzz” – discussing social media users.

At the same time, some fans of Dakota found that she too often sings about unrequited love. They wished that the artist has released a more positive song about the relationship with Vlad Sokolovsky. “I would just like something else, such as bright and strong. While I understand that the suffering is written better and easier”, “it seems to Me that in life, Rita is a very positive person, it would be great to see this in her work”, – commented on the criticism of the new track artist.

Recall that Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky preparing for the replenishment of the family. The singer does not hide the pregnancy and often shares his thoughts about the new baby in social networks. Recently, the singer reported that two weeks before the expected birth, she will go out of town together with her lover and loved ones.

“My mom will come for a period from Minsk, the parents of Vlad especially like all the work to udalenku to work remotely. The whole family will do this first (for everyone!) the long-awaited child. Our parents no grandchildren, we are all pioneers,” said Rita.