Алену Бабенко ждет встреча с Депардье
Russian actress and an eminent Frenchman invited to the festival ” BRIDGE of ARTS.

Алену Бабенко ждет встреча с Депардье

Alena Babenko

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Alain Depardieu

Photo: 7D

Became known to the jury of the main competition and competition of short
meter at the II International festival of a motivational movie in Rostov-on-don,
which will begin its work on 24 August. To evaluate the films will be eminent
filmmakers from Britain, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, France, Belarus and
Russia, which accepted the invitation of the President of festival Oleg Taktarov. Rostov-on-don
— small homeland of Dmitry Dibrova and Irina Bezrukovoj, star the natives of this city by tradition
will hold the opening ceremony of the BRIDGE of ARTS.

In the jury of the main competition included Russian actress Alena
Babenko. Her colleagues at the time of the festival will be George, Ovashvili, Alessandro
Passadore, World Haviarova. The Chairman of the jury is a British producer, owner
BAFTA award Pippa Cross.

But the short films jury was headed by French producer and
Director Alain Depardieu. Together with his brother Gerard Depardieu winners of the short program, consisting of
The 21st contest of the film, will choose the actor Anatoly Kotenev and Director
Mark sandrich (he directed at the time of the famous quinaprilate Petrov and

On the world’s longest red carpet with a length of 320 meters will also be Dolph
Lungren, Michele Placido, Alexei Vorobyov, Sergei Ginzburg, Igor Jijikin,
Catherine Arkharov, Oksana Stashenko and other stars.

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