Анфиса Чехова избавилась от комплексов
The presenter shared his secret of success.

Анфиса Чехова избавилась от комплексов

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Anfisa Chekhova shared the most intimate — presenter,
which is now 38, admitted that in his youth due to the opinions of others literally
have many complexes that prevent her from living and believe in yourself.

“I love my age — says Anfisa. — I in some
incredible happiness from what I feel, you know, you know now that
I am 38. I love to look at myself in the mirror and in photos. Years up to 30 I
never liked, even at the best of their photos were found
something to complain about! And these complexes affect all my moods, relationships
with people and especially with men! To thirty years I knew very little. No, I
of course I know who I gave myself a rating, which was based much on opinion
important to me, and from observation of others, for those who are better, or worse!”

Anfisa Chekhov with her husband Guram Bablishvili

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Now hardly anyone will make Anfisa doubt myself.
She was happy with her appearance, career and life. How to overcome uncertainty
yourself, get to love yourself and succeed in life, the presenter shared with

“And now I take joy in what I from all its currents,
thoughts, processes taking place in me, — says Chekhov. — Look at yourself in
the mirror and rejoice! Not that I have the same modesty that, the voice of my mom
and my grandmother told me: “it’s Not right to admire you, especially when
you have so many flaws!” And I look at myself and see that it is right, you need
it is necessary to admire you, to love yourself and adore! We are what we are,
we were born in those conditions in which they were born, and became what I have become! Each
went my way… and this is the way valuable it is for him to judge
the work that we have done! 20 five we the clay in his own
hands! 38 we have quite a looming piece of his own
art! It is very important not to disown him in shame, not to cover
a curtain doesn’t hide from yourself, do not be afraid to look the truth in the eye,
amazing and the only true truth: I am what I am! I am what
I chose to be! And I love myself for it!”

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