Alena Babenko showed the grown grandson

Алена Бабенко показала подросшего внука
The actress shared a touching family scenes.

Alena Babenko with her grandson Theodore


Alena Babenko — very much in demand in his profession. The actress hardly finds time to communicate with his family. So when she’s given a few performances and filming days — she certainly spends them with family. Recently, the actress immersed himself in the role of a model grandmother. With a two year old grandson Theodore, she held an impromptu vacation in Georgia.

In the microblog Alena has a frame taken during a family walk in Tbilisi. Babenko posed for a photograph with Theodore at the hands of the urban landscape. This rare picture of a woman with a single grandchild called emotion in users.

By the way, recently during an interview for the program “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova Alena admitted that he sees his grandson some creative inclinations. But will all the forces to protect him from the fate of the artist. Babenko did not want to see the work of Theodore in the future was connected with the theatre or cinema.

“Theodore — no doubt creative. He was with me the first song he sang. We, thank God, managed to shoot it on video. Just for memory. And I wail just like that. It was not the specific song… But I’ll speak to him: “do Not go to the artists”. Because I’m a normal person, healthy. With his head still all right,” says Alain.