Ekaterina Andreeva told about the problems with memory

Екатерина Андреева рассказала о проблемах с памятью
The TV presenter made a surprise confession.

Ekaterina Andreeva with her husband

Photo: @ekaterinaandreeva_official Instagram

Ekaterina Andreeva made in the program “Honestly Yuri Nikolayev” shocking confession. The star of the First channel said the whole country that suffers from a… failures of memory. The presenter, for example, sometimes forgets your date of birth. During the interview, couldn’t remember neither his exact age nor how many years is married to Dusan Petrovichem.

Close Andreeva accustomed to such of its features and not be offended if she doesn’t call on the day of birth. All issues associated with the dates in her family, manages her husband. With him Catherine lives in complete harmony. She kind of considers him as his teacher: Dusan makes Kim’s a sense of deep respect. It is ideal for men.

“He taught me patience and patience, to properly allocate your time, to be able to listen to people, to be able to be tolerant towards different things!” — said Catherine. At Andreeva’s husband has a secret sign that helps a married couple do not quarrel over trifles. “If Dusan called me “Katya” wrote the message, or in person, it’s bad. This means that I’m somewhere naughty. I’m already mentally closed so baby soft and try from her hiding place to understand what happened, what I did wrong,” said Catherine.