Alec Baldwin spoke about the conflict with her daughter

Алек Болдуин рассказал о конфликте с дочерью

Even if you’re a celebrity, anything human is not alien to you. Problem of fathers and children was, is and will be, regardless of social status. Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin told about the conflict with her daughter, after which their relationship will never be the same.

Alec Baldwin with his new wife and eldest daughter

Alec open up during the morning talk show “Good morning America”. During the interview he talked about working on a new book of memoirs, “nevertheless” (“Nevertheless”), which included memories of the most unattractive moments of his life. One of which was a quarrel with the eldest daughter Ireland.
It was in 2007. Mother and now adult daughter Kim Basinger Alec broke up very ugly. Parents are unable to keep your daughter from their squabbling, and involuntarily drew her into conflict. Baldwin was annoyed that he was forced to communicate with her daughter only during the so-called scheduled phone calls. Once Ireland for some reason are unable to communicate with my dad, and he decided to make a girl all your anger, addressed, in fact, her mother.
Alec left his daughter an angry message in which he called her “reckless rude little pig.” Ireland did not understand what deserved such treatment for many years and cooled for the father. In fact, Alec now feels the gap between them and knows that he is the main reason for this.
“There are some people who constantly remind my daughter about this case, so that the wound did not heal Ireland” hinted Alec with his ex-wife.
Also in the memoir, Baldwin will tell us about his drug and alcohol demons, but also about the difficult relationship with his own father. The reason for their obsession with work, the actor found in childhood. His parents “were crushed by debt” and therefore unhappy. Alec himself was constantly afraid of poverty from which he escaped. He tried to work as much as possible that neither he nor his family did not need.