The Harrison Ford won’t take a pilot’s license after the incident at the airport

У Харрисона Форда не отберут лицензию пилота после инцидента в аэропорту

Hollywood actor Harrison Fort will remain with their rights to control of the aircraft. Even after repeated incident, which almost happened, a celebrity does not deprive of happiness to fly in the sky.

Recall that two months ago, the artist almost crashed at the airport of John Wayne in orange County, California. Moreover, he nearly crashed into a plane with passengers, and if not the case, trouble could not be avoided. However, appropriate services conducted an investigation, the results of which Ford remains a pilot licence flying means.
“The FAA has conducted a full investigation on this case, including an interview with Mr. Ford, and decided that no administrative or coercive measures to be taken will not. Mr. Ford retains your pilot certificate without restrictions,” — said the representative of the law firm Aerlex Law Group in an interview on E! — “Closing business, the Agency took into account the large experience of Mr. Ford and his willingness to cooperate in the investigation. Mr. Ford owns a pilot certificate for more than 20 years, have flown more than 5,000 hours in the air, and was never a party to the investigation by the FAA, does not fall under administrative or coercive punishment.”
But at the airport John Wayne denied review, citing a Law on freedom of information.
Recall that in March 2015 Harrison almost died during an emergency landing on a Golf course in California. Despite the fact that the star of “Indiana Jones” and “Star wars” is an experienced pilot, for the serviceability of flying means he can not always respond. At that time he was seriously injured, but eventually recovered from them and sat behind the wheel of the aircraft.