Альбом The Weeknd о Селене Гомес никогда не выйдет

Not only the history of the star of the series “Charmed” Alyssa Milano appeared in the new issue of Time magazine. The journalists decided to communicate to The Weeknd, who even graced the cover of the issue. And no wonder, because they learned something interesting. It turns out that even during the relationship with 25-year-old singer Selena Gomez he wrote a fun and dynamic album to a loved one. Unfortunately, the album would never see the light, because the relationship of the stars has come to an end.

Альбом The Weeknd о Селене Гомес никогда не выйдет

The album should have been called Upbeat and out before My Dear Melancholy. The first album is clearly happier the second. “To My Dear Melancholy, I had already written the whole album. But he was absolutely not melancholic, because everything in my life evolved quite differently,” said Abel.

The singer confirmed that the album will see the light. All logical sense Abel to Selene finally passed. “I don’t want to sing about what I don’t feel,” explained The Weeknd.

Journalists are unable to ask, about whom the album My Dear Melancholy: about selenium or Bella Hadid? He decided not to “open a Pandora’s box when talking about the relationship”. Perhaps the contractor doesn’t want to hurt either one of the girls.

When Selena finds out about the statements of Abel, she was clearly overjoyed. Recently insiders said that a new relationship of the former she was not happy. Relationship The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are rapidly evolving, despite the fact that they separated and denied any and all rumors about the reunion. It’s official — star again together. Musician supports his girlfriend at fashion shows and kissing her at the Cannes film festival. Fans are shocked.

“Selena shouted, “What the hell?”, when she found out about Bella and Abele, kissing in Cannes”, — said a source from the environment singer HollywoodLife.

“It is sad that between her and Abel, nothing happened, and thinks he’s a great guy, so she hopes that he can find happiness,” added the insider. “But she was shocked and could not believe that they are together again after everything they went through. As you may remember, Selena started hanging out with Abel just two months after he broke up with Bella, and it’s not so much time to get over a breakup. Selena believed Abel when he told her that he had completely forgotten Bella, and that their relationship is broken forever, so she can not believe that they are together again,” added the insider.