Бейонсе купила церковь

Beyonce as a true believer, decided to save the Church in New Orleans from fading. Ancient temple built in the early 1900’s, has been empty for a long time, so the singer decided to buy it for 850 000$. The Church has an area of 7 500 sq.meters.

Бейонсе купила церковь

Mass in the Church House of God In The Big Easy for a long time was not carried out, and its Ministers died. Now the place will come alive, and it will be a lot of parishioners. The sister of beyoncé, Solange, by the way, lives nearby. I hope that she will support her sister and to attend Church.

Beyonce is very popular among believers. A recent Liturgy, held in grace Cathedral in San Francisco, was completely devoted to the singer. About a thousand people, celebrated singer, and sang her songs.

Such an act was not surprised to have fans, but only recently her mother gave an interview in which he talked about star-struck daughter. 64-year-old Tina Knowles Lawson gave an interview to a leading Maria Shriver about their methods of education and star-struck daughter.

As a child, Tina Knowles thinks her mom loved my brother more than her, so raising two daughters, she took into account all grievances and tried to pay enough attention to both of them. “I had days that I spent with each individually. On Wednesday I left work and it was the day Solange. She was younger than Beyonce, and it was difficult because Bi was five years older, and also a little superstar in our city,” shared Tina.

As a child, her daughter didn’t get along. Beyonce went crazy from the increased attention of the younger sisters, of which mother had to take the children to a therapist. Helped? “I took them to counseling at an early age to a psychologist could help Beyonce to be more lenient with Solange,” explained Knowles Lawson. “She couldn’t stand another minute with her. You know, they were young, Solange wanted to be with a Bi, tried to communicate with her friends, and Beyonce is incredibly annoying, it placed itself above sisters. I spent a lot of time for my girls to understand that there are other people that need to worry. I think it’s really important.”

It seems that psychotherapy is not very helpful Beyonce, because in interviews she often calls his musical talent a “gift of God”. “I have a genuine, God has given me a gift that separates me from all others”;

“I was lucky to achieve what is the dream of the younger generation of Queens. I do not claim to a foreign throne. I have enough of the throne, I hold the last 15 years”;

“I know I’m powerful, I’m even more powerful than my brain can comprehend” – usually speaks of himself beyoncé.