Albina dzhanabaeva radically changed the style

Альбина Джанабаева кардинально сменила стиль The singer tried on several images. Albina dzhanabaeva has released a new clip, which appeared with different hairstyles. Fans were looking forward to videos of your favorite artist did not skimp on the compliments.

Albina dzhanabaeva, the singer surprised fans with a bold images, which I decided to try on during sjambok new video for “happiness”. Fans could see the actress with short hair, a lush mane of curly hair and even blonde. In the music video, the singer goes beyond the usual image of the lyrical heroine and appears before the audience eccentric, rowdy, but still the same delicate, feminine and sexy. Dance track is decorated with specially created for the video choreography and vivid animation.

“In this video I wanted to show that happiness is not only quiet and transparent. It is bright, slightly reckless, full of life energy and different colors. This is happiness I want to shout and share it with the world. This clip and our fiery dance. I was interested to realize a few very vivid images, each of which reveals to me today. I want everyone to wish happiness, give happiness and make our days new paint. I hope that we have succeeded. Let this clip will be all happiness” – told dzhanabaeva.
Альбина Джанабаева кардинально сменила стиль

Fans eagerly awaiting the premiere of the video of the beloved singer and praised the work done by the whole team. They expressed delight after view of the clip and began to discuss the images, which appeared in Albina. Some even noticed that with short blond hair, she resembles the singer Valeria.

“Wow! Albina, I congratulate you on this bright premiere!”, “Bright, beautiful, super. Albino and the team for their work the highest score!”, “I also thought at first that Valeria only young! Good competition!” – started to discuss fans.

Альбина Джанабаева кардинально сменила стиль