Nikita Dzhigurda showed the eyes of his beloved

Никита Джигурда показал глаза любимой

The people to believe him, Nikita Dzhigurda decided to publish photos of the new sweetheart of American women where going to get married immediately after the divorce with the skater Marina Anisina those. On his page in Twitter the controversial artist has shown all the eyes and lips with his new lady.

Никита Джигурда показал глаза любимой
Recall that Marina Anisina filed for divorce with Nikita, accusing him of irresponsible behaviour and different views on married life and raising children. At least not rushed, as it was already headlong in France, which is now the Marina and their two children, and agreed with her. saying that their divorce was a matter of time. All the troubles of the chair has accused the wife of a lawyer Sergei Gorina, and even challenged him to a duel, one hundred lawyer called burrows celebrity cock.
To prove to everyone that he actually has a fiancée, the actor shows his new beloved. However, so far only fragmentarily. While we can only see the eyes and lips of the American.
In addition to pictures of the chair also publishes her own poetry.

Никита Джигурда показал глаза любимой
“”I melted
under Your green eyes,”
Space fell…
bottom other I do not have.

Moon marked

“Autumn evening

You gives Me” —

“Autumn evening
the Baptist meeting
where the path is marked
and the sword is sharpened
those who are in the laws
no need Sich
in the eyes of the green
this world is not eternal
candles” — says Nikita, who has already identified himself on a social network like ja NAT-Han Bratash-G.