Albina dzhanabaeva froze the extra pounds

Альбина Джанабаева заморозила лишние килограммы
Singer treated in the Austrian health center.

Photo: Instagram

Albina dzhanabaeva many years performing on stage and knows exactly how to keep yourself in great shape. After all, appearance for an artist is one of the most important (after talent) moments on stage. Albina and always looks amazing.

After touring and concerts are very important to rest and restore their health. So, it is for medicinal purposes dzhanabaeva went for a couple of days in the suburbs in the exclusive Austrian health center. Albina decided to start with extreme procedures: the singer visited the cryosauna.

Dzhanabaeva cooled vapors of liquid nitrogen a record low temperature of minus 186 degrees! Cryosauna is very useful in joint problems, it helps to improve the immune system, heal various allergies, asthma and, of course, very often it is used when the problem of excessive weight. With cryotherapy improves blood circulation, and due to the stress the body begins to self without involving any other resources to deal with almost all their problems. In General, solid benefits! Of course, to assign cryotherapy doctor can, based on the state of a particular organism.

Albina dzhanabaeva generally likes most unusual means to maintain its shape and beauty. For example, she believes that to lose weight, it helps to use… oil!

“In the morning, 20 minutes before food, you need to drink a teaspoon of Flaxseed oil, and evening 20 minutes after dinner, another, told the star. — A week can be increased to a tablespoon. Of course, one time have any effect to notice results, you need a system. Make the oil for 2-3 months every day! But, if you have a goal, e.g. to lose weight and look better, to organize ourselves will not be difficult. Ideally you need to give up some “delicious”, but useless products (and this is a huge help) — from muffins, fried and fatty foods. But there’s no ban on meat, vegetables, fish, fruit. The content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in linseed oil several times higher than fish oil, which means the youth of your skin and great hair. No side and adverse effects!”

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