Olga Buzova preparing for the wedding!

Ольга Бузова готовится к свадьбе!
The singer told, how will the biggest day in her life.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram

Olga Buzova told about the wedding of your dreams: singer, though not received offers of marriage, but
knows how will be the marriage ceremony. According to star, it will be quiet
quiet party “for their” abroad.

“I caught myself thinking that if ever I have
there will be a wedding, I would like to play it very quietly and not in Russia
shared by the presenter. To just favorite man and my family!
Dreams… Dreams…”

Perhaps the way Olga Buzova to the altar will become shorter after the reality show “Married to
Buzova”, which is preparing to go on TNT in the fall. In an exclusive interview to magazine “7 days” famous bride explained,
why the project is of such a curious name.

“It appeared absolutely casually, — tells Olga.
— We shot a promo video, and I made a mistake, saying: “Who wants to marry Buzova?”
And immediately corrected himself: “Oh, to get married.” But my reservation was all amused, and is
became the working title. I think it will not change. After going through previews…
To be honest, this project was my idea. I came to the channel and said: guys,
let’s do a show! But, you understand, for me it’s not a show. I
much was expected of him… I hope, maybe, after all, to fall in love this summer. Already
even my friends are starting to worry about the fact that I have no one almost
two years. It seems every day I’m fully prepared. Always well maintained, stowed,
clean. Can a restaurant stop somewhere in the Park a walk in the movie
to go. That is, I’m open, I’m not sitting in his house in burqa. But nothing
happens! Time goes by, and it seems to me that if in the coming months does not appear
next to me a worthy man, it will not appear never. I just
never in my life will no longer be any relationship! Admittedly, the situation with
divorce broke me. In my life, just work…”

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