Alain Vodonaeva: “Whoever wanted to marry Kerzhakov? Do not change your mind?”

Алена Водонаева: «Кто там еще хотел замуж за Кержакова? Не передумали?»
This week Alena commented played out in social media “reality show”.

Алена Водонаева: «Кто там еще хотел замуж за Кержакова? Не передумали?»

Alena Vodonaeva


This week Alena commented played out in social media “reality show”: the wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Milan accused him of kidnapping their year-old son.

“The Senator’s daughter” — with a prefix to its name of Milan Tyulpanov has lived most of his life in St. Petersburg. She was everything what can wish a young girl, but at 22, she has managed to become the wife of a football player Kerzhakov. She dreamed about? That she will have a husband, a handsome, what a big man he can become, thanks to dad’s connections, how is it for love and to be on hand. Maybe it would have been if not for the tragedy that happened with her father, Vadim, starting from the nozzle.

Алена Водонаева: «Кто там еще хотел замуж за Кержакова? Не передумали?»

This photo of Milan illustrated his “penitential letter” apologizing to the husband and Yana Rudkovskaya Alexander Kerzhakov with his wife Milana and son Artemy


When Milan after two days of suffering public by his son, whom she took Kerzhakov, published penitential post that she was in the hospital for treatment, she asks her husband’s forgiveness and somehow, Yana Rudkovskaya (Yana took part in the conflict, taking the side of Kerzhakov. — Approx. ed.), I tried to understand for themselves that this story is true and what is false. Do I believe the words Milana, Alexander married her for his career, which promised him the best party? Believe. Do I believe the lawyer Dobrovinsky that Kerzhakov took the baby from Milana’s for a few million dollars that he transferred to the wife, and then could not return? Believe. Do I believe that Milan repents and apologizes on his own initiative? No. And I will not believe.

Alexander Kerzhakov

Photo: Vyacheslav Evdokimov/FC “Zenit”/TACC

It is clear that Kerzhakov once again outsmarted his next wife. Note that this time, he did not go to court to prove drug addiction and the insanity of the spouse, as is the case with the mother of his eldest son by Catherine Safronova. Was smart enough not to appear before the public with the same performance. Besides, it is necessary to understand that his father Milan was a very respected politician and influential friends who will not allow her to do with impunity and shamelessly took the child, his family enough.

Kerzhakov very lucky to have Milana was not terminal, and he managed to get out of the water dry. As a child she had everything she wanted, and when the situation changed, Kerzhakov has not invented anything better than to beg her husband “not to leave her.” I was shocked when I heard her interview where she told how he came home drunk, crawling on the floor, begged her husband not to leave her, and he shot video of her. FILMED ON VIDEO! Girls, whoever wanted Kerzhakov? Do not change your mind?

Cute and successful player in the house does not guarantee that your life will look like Instagram Shakira and Gerard Pique. And before you give birth, good, very good, think about whether you want this man was the father of your child?”