Дочь Александра Серова сыграла свадьбу в Америке
The singer on the occasion was not invited.

Alice Arishina husband

Infamous illegitimate daughter of Alexander Serov married in
America, where she resides. Alice Arishina signed with his
beloved a few months ago, but the Grand party couple
set aside.

For the wedding, the bride chose for the ceremony nodosae bustier dress with lush
skirt, and the groom appeared in a suit of gray. In the presence of family and friends
the couple exchanged vows of fidelity. Unfortunately, Michelle Serova, which
sometimes communicates with Alice, couldn’t come to the wedding. During the holiday Arishina
filmed live and tried to ask mom not to cry: Valentina was very
happy for his daughter and called this day a major holiday in my life.

With Alexander Serov, who is her father, Alice does not communicate:
wedding musician she was not invited. The girl
was very frustrating that he spread negative information about her
mother. “I would in his place, he never asked nothing. Whatever
happened to me in life, I Serov will never come,” said Alice during
one of the television broadcasts.