Alain Vodonaeva repented of the committed treason

Алена Водонаева раскаялась в совершенном предательстве In his microblog presenter shared a very personal story. Alena remembered how not very nice to do to a friend. But the TV star did it not out of malice. Moreover, Vodonaeva immediately pleaded guilty, but the friend never forgave.

      Alain Vodonaeva – active user of social networks. Recently, the presenter told in his “Instagrame” that suffered from insomnia and because he wrote some very personal posts. One of them, as later reported by Alena on the theme of betrayal. A celebrity openly spoke about the case from my own life. Vodonaeva told that he made a mistake, but immediately recognized her.

      The fact that Allen touched friend. So much so that since that time they have never talked to him. But the leading didn’t do it out of malice. She sincerely wanted to help a loved one. Afforded not very nice to speak of the beloved friend. Vodonaeva, like all their surroundings, knew that he was cheating on his woman. Pretty straight forward and told about it in voice messages.

      “To calm my hormonal friend, with nothing better to do than to cite the example of my friend. Let’s call it X. Said, “Here’s your Vitek (let’s call it so), maybe in something and goof, but the guy is good, and most importantly – family. Look, they say, far Aloha miss H. He walks, what he wants, and is doing well, and respects his woman, everybody knows about it. Well, what’s better? True Loh or alpha-traitor?” recalls the leading.

      But the message Alena came not to whom it was intended. One of the women secretly sent it to the other. “Why? Yes, God knows. It seems to help the person seek, inspire, give advice, keep a family, but here such an unexpected slap in the back…” – outraged the leader.

      Another friend immediately demanded that Kim’s explanation. Alena admitted his guilt, but the friend never forgave.

      “It is natural that a friend asked me, “Alain said? And what the fuck?” And what can I say to her. The last thing I wanted to touch truly native person. And indulge in excuses did not. Answered honestly: “Yes, it was. My bad. I’m sorry!” Recognized his faux pas and tried to explain what had in mind when I cited the example of the man. A friend of me said nothing. And later all refused to communicate. Apparently, I am in that moment living slashed. Reluctantly. Unconsciously. And in fact was right: my girlfriend soon, she admitted that her husband, alas, do walks…” – said Vodonaeva.

      After that story, a friend and ceased to communicate with her. “It’s her choice. I wish her well, continue to enjoy its success, when something is learn about her and know that she’s actually not a bad person. And I am very sorry for her feminine, because I would never forgive if he knew about the cheating and would not stand for a second. And she forgives,” commented the leader.