Nastya Ivleva ready to give birth to heirs Arseny Borodin

Настя Ивлеева готова родить наследников Арсению Бородину The musician presented a new clip. In the video work, attended a well-known blogger Nastia Ivlieva. Fans appreciated the work of the whole team and do not skimp on compliments.

Fans Arseny Borodin was intrigued by the frequent shots of a musician presenter and well-known blogger Nastia Ivlievu. For the last time on their pages in social networks, young people have published quite a lot of joint photos.

As it turned out, even Ivlieva Borodin dreams of having a baby. And not one but two: a boy and a girl, however, is only the scenario Arseniy new video for the song “Native”. In the movie Anastasia played the main role.

To create songs with such a gentle name was inspired by haters that don’t skimp on the angry comments in social networks. Despite this, Arseniy Borodin for the past few days quite actively talked about their new clip.

“This is a very funny story about how guys always blunt and does not hesitate to make an offer of marriage to his sweetheart. Girls, sound familiar?” – wrote a musician in his microblog.

Singer, as promised, tried to make the video vivid and humorous. With regard to relations with Nastya, the Borodin has nothing no comment. Fans are glad Arseny did not disappoint them with the new clip. They hastened to congratulate him on the premiere and wished them further creative successes.

“You are great! Arseniy! This is the voice! I sit straight now, to review all VIDOS with you and direct you see through different eyes, Amazing song and production! So ironic and true! We really hysteric (a) directly yourself know. Thanks, have not laughed”, “I Like that song. Cool video. Such Nasty fun. Anyway it all organically. As I watched the clip, and the song fell in love. The whole evening was listening to on repeat! You are cool!” – spared no compliments fans.