Алена Водонаева обвенчалась с мужем Last fall was the wedding of the famous TV presenter and her lover. Alena is married to Alexei Cosine, then the couple decided not to make a loud celebration. A few months later Vodonaeva decided on a Church wedding with her lover.

Alain Vodonaeva and Alex Cosine officially became husband and wife on September 11 in one of the salons of St. Petersburg. Lovers have been acquainted for many years, and, as noted by the TV presenter, she has chosen a lot in common. For example, they have the same views on life, future goals, and to hide the burning passion between the couple impossible.

After marriage Alena regularly admitted Alex in love and tried not to be separated from him for too long, spending time not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also travelling. Recently, the wife went on a tour of the United States, where he decided to re-utter the cherished vows.

The ceremony was held in one of the churches of Las Vegas. The presenter noted that the Ordinance differed from the many that were held in these walls.

“It was the most wonderful day. Our wedding in the most famous of the old Church. The sincerest registration. Without it, “cell of society”. We were married the sweetest and the old priest. Photos will be a lot and they are fantastic! I love you, Alex”, — wrote Alena.

Previously Alena admitted to “StarHit” that Alex is able to surprise her. The musician often chosen gifts, without forgetting about it even during the tour. According to the presenter, their relationship developed rapidly, and now the couple can’t imagine life without each other.

“Everything changed in one moment: Alex the morning of may 1 came to visit as a good friend, and in the evening we fell asleep together and never parted, –said Vodonaeva. – Still remember that day in “Luzhniki”, where Alex performed to a rap festival, he came to me in the dressing room and kissed him on the lips. By surprise, I was speechless. Not believe what just happened. But what about our friendship? He gave me no chance to think about the situation, just took it and made my decision.”

Husband of Alena Vodonaevoy takes her to honeymoon

Fans are incredibly excited for Vodonaevu, which could gain long-awaited happiness. Now they are waiting for when the presenter will declare to them one more good news about her pregnancy. That’s just a question of adding to the family of Alain prefers not to hurry. Now she enjoys the company of the elect, but does not deny that in the future may once again become a mother.