In Moscow said goodbye to the star of the TV series “Happy together”

В Москве простились со звездой сериала «Счастливы вместе» Alexander Isakov died at the age of 39 years. On 26 July, with the actor said farewell in the capital. Friends and colleagues still hard to believe the sudden death of the man.
В Москве простились со звездой сериала «Счастливы вместе»

The death of Alexander Isakova was a big surprise for his fans. Always active and incredibly talented, he died suddenly in connection with complications arising on a background of bilateral pneumonia.

On 26 July held a farewell ceremony for the 39-year-old artist. A memorial service was attended not only by relatives and friends of Alexander, but his many fans.

After the farewell ceremony relatives of the artist went on the Mitinsky cemetery, where Isakov and buried. To hold Alexandra in the last path came his famous friends Ekaterina Volkova, Tatiana Russkova, Roman caves and many others.

By the way, the earlier novel Pechersk accused in the tragedy of doctors who failed to diagnose the star of theatre and film.

“I think it’s unfair. With advanced medicine pneumonia can be determined, and not when it began, and pulmonary edema in the intensive care unit he was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia,” — said of the caves.

Later colleagues Isakov at the theater said that he felt bad, but was busy in several productions, so endured the disease on their feet. However, after Alexander went to doctors, he was not diagnosed correctly.

According to many fans, the country has lost one of the most talented artists of his generation. For as much as 15 years Alexander has successfully worked on the stage of the Moscow state theatre actor. In movies and TV series, he played less often, but still managed to put on screen several prominent roles. In particular, Isakov noted in such projects as the “angel on Duty”, “Atlantis”, “Happy together”, “Bachelors”.

TV channel “REN-TV” reports that many artist friends could not hold back emotions during the ceremony. Some of them still difficult to believe that Alexander was no longer alive.