Olga Buzova left the show because of a quarrel with boyfriend

Ольга Бузова покинула шоу из-за ссоры с ухажером Olga Buzova not just giving a chance to the Roman Gritsenko to try to win her heart. However, the young man every time makes mistakes in communicating with a TV star. On the days leading reality show I could not tolerate the indecision of Roma and left the place of execution.

Roman Gritsenko few months trying to win the heart of the leading “House-2”, but I recently stopped to make a serious attempt to win over Olga. The hero of the perimeter allows himself to flirt with the other girls of the project and some time ago even tried to build a relationship with Irina Pinchuk.

Whether from jealousy, or from women’s self-esteem Buzova constantly stirs a strange relationship with Gritsenko, and recently, TV presenter and all left the place of execution in the midst of filming due to a conflict with a young boyfriend.

Ольга Бузова покинула шоу из-за ссоры с ухажером“You can say whatever you want, I don’t even want to argue with you. I give you now, maybe something to tell me. And if you believe that it’s the most important, I hear you. And I’m talking to you not going,” said Buzova.
Ольга Бузова покинула шоу из-за ссоры с ухажером

However, to stop offended the girl Gritsenko did not, only leaving after her: “I don’t talk”.

23-year-old Hrytsenko appeared on telestroke last summer. Initially, the young man tried to build a relationship with other girls, but the fall has dared to show his sympathy to Olga Buzova. Despite all attempts, the guy is not yet possible to melt the heart of celebrity who after a painful divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov has completely immersed himself in work.

Recently, one of the participants of the reality show reproached Buzova is that she’s lonely. Gritsenko did not endure the harsh statements in the address of Olga and hit the offender in the face. Now the novel suffers from the fact that his feelings for the leading do not find any response in her heart. He remembers the words that once said he wants a girlfriend, and regrets not being able to properly use their abilities.

“I’m probably even a miracle will not help. Very sorry that I did not appreciate the opportunity that you gave me. You said “live by heart”, and I’m going to live. I want you to forgive me. Want love is sincere and mutual. Better to achieve the woman genuinely want to be, even if these relations never will be, than to build a relationship that you don’t need,” – said the novel six months ago.

But Olga does not despair and hopes to find love in new reality show “Married with Buzova” before the start which left very little time.