Алена Водонаева раскритиковала Эмму Уотсон: «Симпатичная, с фигурой мальчика-подростка»

The film “beauty and the Beast” that week’s sweeping the world cinema. Millions of people have already appreciated the work of the Disney company, bringing into the Treasury of the film more than 690 million dollars. To enjoy the love story of Belle and the Beast had a chance to Alena Vodonaevoy.

The former star of “House-2” go to the cinema, only film remained dissatisfied.

According to Vodonaevoy, the role of the beautiful Belle went to the actress that does not fit into the image: “”beauty and the beast” is a wonderful tale. One of the most favorite cartoons. That’s fair, “the Scarlet flower”, a monster and all this scary romance is very intriguing and exciting story for me. And quite frankly I’m surprised by the choice of the main actress in the film of 2017. I really like Emma Watson. She’s so beautiful? She’s cute, sweet, but not Belle never. Don’t they our BEAUTIFUL girl for the lead role? Or according to their criteria of beauty Emma fits into this standard? In my no. I clearly share beautiful and cute. And this film, in my opinion, can be called “Pretty, with a figure of a teenage boy and the Beast””, — wrote Alena and immediately ran into criticism of their followers. Many followers Vodonaevoy noted that Emma Watson is adorable, and perfectly coped with their role. Besides, Emma is not a standard Hollywood beauty with big eyes, full lips and pronounced cheekbones, because it is so harmonious in this tale.

What about Emma Watson in “beauty and the Beast” do you think?

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