Britney Spears was suspected of plastic surgery

Бритни Спирс заподозрили в использовании пластической хирургии

The crisis that happened with Britney Spears after her breakup with Kevin Federlayna affected her negatively. Not only that, the singer shaved his head bald, and stout, ceased to follow him. In this strange condition, Spears has spent several years and only recently decided to buckle down and to regain its former appeal. The singer succeeded: active sports and diet again made Britney candy. That’s just the journalists say that it’s not all due to what Britney has managed to achieve such results.

Western tabloids are sure that Spears has resorted to using plastic surgery.

Now, what about this says plastic surgeon Andrew Miller analyzed photographs of the singer in different years. “First of all, I want to note that 35 years of body finally leaves the so-called “baby fat”, which makes individuals more fit and juicy. This is something impossible to fight. With regard to procedures that could have Britney, so is the operation of leveling the asymmetry of the eye. Now the situation with eyes much better than it was before. also note that the nose Britney began to look thinner”. At the end of his analysis of the appearance of the Spears, the doctor concluded that she looks “very natural”, because any procedure that she could get went to her only benefit”.