Agnia Ditkovskite told how the son took her divorce

Агния Дитковските рассказала, как сын воспринял ее развод The actress broke up with the baby’s father Aleksei Chadov more than a year ago. However, the ex-wife trying to pay enough attention to the heir to Frank. According to Agnes, the boy still felt that parents are no longer together.

      Агния Дитковските рассказала, как сын воспринял ее развод

      Agniya Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov divorced in 2015, as I realized that can no longer live with family. The couple has a son Fedor. Despite the separation, they have managed to maintain a good relationship. The boy spends time with mom and dad. However, Agnes believes that the heir felt that the family experienced a radical change.

      Alexey Chadov: Agnia has maintained a good relationship for our son

      “He lives with me, Alex, and for mentality of the child is, of course, not very well,” said the actress.
      Агния Дитковските рассказала, как сын воспринял ее развод

      According to Ditkovskite, after the divorce, she was very hard, but she didn’t about it then speak to anyone. It seemed to her that it was better to hide the storm of emotions that was happening in her soul. However, she does not regret that she and Alex had to leave after ten years of relationship. “Breaking up with someone is a kind of starting point that directs your life or in a good way, or bad” – shared his point of view Agniya.

      Despite the fact that his son Ditkovskite and Chadova only two years old, he already understands a lot. “It’s like a certain energy, which the child reacts, it reads the state of the mother, the father. That is why we need to do as suggest in airplanes: “Put the mask on yourself first then on the child. First need to sort myself out. Now we have stabilized the situation so that everyone was comfortable,” said the actress.

      Fedor spends a lot of time with his father. A couple of months ago Alexey Chadov went to rest with the heir of the sea. The star father shared pictures with her son in his microblog. Agnes and her mother Tatiana lutaeva most of the summer was devoted to the renovation in the new house recently purchased. Ditkovskite admitted that the townhouse is in a relative, thereby denying rumors that a new home, the family gave a new rich elect of the actress. Agnes Ditkovskite is credited with an affair with a wealthy man

      At the moment all the time, Agnes devotes to raising her son and working in new projects. She plays in the film, the screenplay for which was written by her mother. Also Ditkovskite can be seen in the play “the Master and Margarita” directed by Sergei Aldonin. Speaking about the divorce with Alex, Agnes calls this event a test of strength. “During and after these tests we check ourselves, look at how strong we are if that’s the way to get up, dust yourself off and move on,” said the actress in an interview with “OK!”.