Agnia Ditkovskite refused party for my son

Агния Дитковските отказалась от вечеринок ради сына The actress has decided to devote himself to the education of the heir. According to star cinema, she tries to spend more time with the child, thereby sacrificing the fun secular activities. Ditkovskite admitted that she did not immediately come to such a position.

      Агния Дитковските отказалась от вечеринок ради сына

      Actress Agniya Ditkovskite became less likely to go out. The movie star admits that after the birth of her child are interested in absolutely other cares. Besides, the young woman does not update regularly the social network, and access one of the pages completely made private. According to Agnes, son radically changed her life.

      Agnia Ditkovskite told how the son took her divorce

      The actress admits that the beginning to differentiate personal life and career. As told Ditkovskite, outside the set it’s completely different. All the free time Agnes tries to devote to the beloved heir.

      “I am very calm attitude to secular events, much nicer when you know your work. To be honest, for me it’s a huge stress, I’m an absolute sociopath, and I find it very difficult to get out. I go out only when they want to support friends or to events that are directly related to my work. And my main social event – the son of Fyodor.” said Ditkovskite.

      The actress is very proud of the success of two-year-old. The boy goes to the developmental kindergarten and learning a foreign language. According to the celebrity, her son already says a few words fluently, Lithuanian and French.

      “Next to Fyodor I understand that the child is the proper guide on how to properly live. Without any ulterior motives, directly. In his mind there is nothing superfluous. He is very artistic, constantly making some grimaces,” – said Agnes.

      The young woman admitted that she tries not to impose his point of view Frank. According to Agnes, the boy will understand how to proceed in certain cases.

      “I really don’t like the word “educate” means to impose on the child their opinion. But that’s just your opinion, and he may be about math, you know? With the child it is necessary to speak, to travel as much as possible, and not to stop learning, to be able to answer any of his question. The main thing – to feel him, to understand where you push and give freedom,” said Ditkovskite in an interview with Peopletalk.

      Recall that Fedor was born in the marriage of Agnes with actor Alexei Chadov. The pair failed to overcome the differences in the relationship, so they divorced in 2015. However, the son is denied care. He often travels with his dad on vacation or out of town when mommy is busy on the set. Alexey Chadov: “my son stand face control”