Oksana Samoilov lost before birth

Оксана Самойлова растеряна перед родами A young woman in a hurry to buy everything you need for the baby. Oksana Samoilov said that the recent busy with work, but because not found the time to buy. Fans calmed the wife of rapper Djigan, since she is already an experienced mom, and therefore knows what it takes to newborns.

      The wife of rapper Dzhigan Oksana Samoilov will soon become a mother for the third time. The couple has two daughters, Ariel and Leah. Girls look forward to when they will have a little brother or sister. Oksana herself is in no hurry to fill the house with things for the unborn child. She admitted that while she’s not ready to meet the baby. Apparently, the shooting is not very concerned about the situation and, as an experienced mom, can in the shortest possible time to buy everything you need.

      Pregnant Oksana Samoylova torturing yourself in the gym

      “Time is running out and I still do not “build their nest”. If I missed calling instinct while was at work, whether I have preferred nests, or maybe just worries too much with work, home and children, that is not instincts. In fact, my readiness is zero. No strollers, no Cribs, not even a cute tiny bodice not bought. It’s scary to begin to think about it huge list of any usefulness and necessities. Well at least that the experience is not too much you can fill” – shared reflections the wife of the musician.

      Fans who are happy watching the microblogging Oksana Samoilova, hastened to reassure her. They believe that a young woman will brilliantly cope with the preparations for the baby’s arrival and have time to buy necessary things. “After two children all the things that had to stay, and Cribs and strollers and clothes, except a few pieces new buy”, “you Have such beauty and such a comfort that Vit have nothing, enjoy the pregnancy”, “It’s just a third child. I also have to gather his thoughts could not. So far (soon seven months) understanding that children have three, no. Like recently I only have one. Third while growing generally unnoticed,” he wrote to fans.

      Followers also turned to Oksana for advice – what are the things needed for a newborn. Women who also have a soon to become mothers are very concerned about the fact that you can gain extra for kids. Desperate mom: how pregnant stars destroys stereotypes

      Until now, Oksana keeps secret the sex of the baby. Fans speculated if the shooting is going to buy a new outfit, perhaps, the couple a son. However, the young woman continues to keep the intrigue.