Агибалова ввязалась в конфликт Бородиной и Жужи Leading “House-2” cautioned former participant from the consequences. Ksenia Borodina Katya Zhuzha do not communicate for several months. Margarita Agibalova decided to support the friend.
Агибалова ввязалась в конфликт Бородиной и Жужи

Recently among the leading reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina and Katia Susan, a conflict broke out. As it turned out, the master on the lashes refused to break between clients. The girl said that will serve only her. Specialist was based on the fact that Susan and Borodin’s do not communicate, and therefore she won’t do her a favor.

Now Margarita Agibalova decided to support the friend. She wrote in the social network that he considers Kate his closest person, and so it remains on its side in any conflict.

Агибалова ввязалась в конфликт Бородиной и Жужи“For me friendship is sincere love for the man for what he is. This intimacy, the desire to spend a person’s time, doing nice things for him. Friend is not obliged to adjust you life, but if you are true friends, you will always pull each other. Life is not a simple thing, and the friends exist in order to simplify it. I will never be offended if a friend I forgot to call back or could not meet. We are separate units and need to respect each other. Otherwise it is not friendship… Kutuh, I love you and will support in any situation,” wrote former participant of “House-2” in the microblog.

Ksenia Borodina didn’t want to leave this record without attention. She admitted that this publication did not change their friendly relations. However, the presenter asked her not to interfere in the conflict because it does not know the true state of Affairs.

“You don’t know anything about our situation, you know only what you sang in his ears, but not if you were Rita Marceau of “House-2″ would not be interesting, trust me! I know what friendship is, because there are girlfriends with whom 15-20 years passed the fire water and copper pipes! Which is not only at social events closer to the lens stood that when in sorrow and in joy, who climbed into the mountains, where it caught, to congratulate the birth of a child, who is 24/7, not when it is necessary, because another scandal in my life!” – wrote Ksenia.
Агибалова ввязалась в конфликт Бородиной и Жужи

Borodin also rebuked Agibalova that she had completely forgotten the project “House-2”, which made her known all over the country. “Just never loved your girlfriend and many times I tried to open the eyes of the ingratitude to use and all the rest!” – considers the leading reality show.

Xenia asked former participant of the famous electroni to step back from the conflict. She thinks Kate is trying to wrap up everything in their favor.

“Don’t stick your noses where it is not necessary, because you use a stupid! Someone forgot where you started and how started just! Therefore it is better to be silent than to speak! And you, Rita, you stay a good girl and don’t meddle, because life is a boomerang, and so it is doing its job!” – said Borodin.