Губерниев об отстраненных от Олимпиады биатлонистах: «Отрубили голову лидерам» Sports commentator shared reasoning in the special edition of his program. Dmitry Guberniev did not understand why athletes do not react to the yet unofficially announced the decision of the IOC. He is indignant that they are losing time.
Губерниев об отстраненных от Олимпиады биатлонистах: «Отрубили голову лидерам»

Today in Italy is the next stage of the European Championship on biathlon among men in the sprint. And very soon, February 9, in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang will start the Olympic games, where he was to participate of our athletes under a neutral flag. However, in the beginning of the week, the international Olympic Committee without explanation removed 12 Russian biathletes, including – Anton Shipulin, Maxim Tsvetkov and Irina Plugin.

Shipulin and Ustyugov were not allowed into the Olympics in Pyeongchang

Channel “Match TV” has prepared a program about the national team of Russia in this sport. Presenter Dmitry Guberniev was stipulated at the beginning of the report, spoke with the athletes on Sunday, when they still hoped to go to the Olympics.

“I thought that every Russian will to survive and maintain. I’m going to the Olympics to bring medal of Russia”, – it is this attitude going to go to South Korea the leader of the team Anton Shipulin.
Губерниев об отстраненных от Олимпиады биатлонистах: «Отрубили голову лидерам»

First Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Russia Stanislav Pozdnyakov noted that the IOC has specified additional criteria by which the athlete may not be allowed to compete. Now they are asked to explain what kind of indicators and why our members don’t measure up.

“We emphasize that the Russian team repeatedly passed the doping tests, not only this year but also in previous ones. No one convicted of violation of doping rules”, – said the President of the Russian biathlon Union Alexander Kravtsov.

Dmitry Guberniev sincerely concerned for the athletes. However, there has been no official statement from the IOC that someone from Russians will not go to the Olympics.

“Pursued a very clear goal – to cut off the head of leaders, those who may not Shine in December, Shipulin and An. But the Troika, which now heads the list of suspended – heroes of world sport. We’re worried about Shipulin and Ustyugov. In the West, talking about Ana. The IOC actually spit on the South Korean spectators, who bought tickets to see the triple Olympic champion in the national team of South Korea,” said a sports commentator.
Губерниев об отстраненных от Олимпиады биатлонистах: «Отрубили голову лидерам»

Guberniev, by the way, does not understand why some athletes do not make noise around his possible suspension. In his opinion, colleagues from other countries also could support Russians to fight injustice.

Губерниев об отстраненных от Олимпиады биатлонистах: «Отрубили голову лидерам»“We’re wasting time. We are missing the agenda. I do not really understand the silence. I do not understand the silence of Anton in correspondence he said he was waiting for the official statement. But, judging by the words of Thomas Bach (IOC President. – Ed.) our athletes do not expect anything good”, – said Dmitry.
Губерниев об отстраненных от Олимпиады биатлонистах: «Отрубили голову лидерам»

Today it became known that a short-tremist Viktor Antonov wrote an open letter to the IOC. He reported that angry about his rejection and hopes to get a clear and reasoned explanation for this decision.

Dmitry Guberniev asked to Anton Shipulin and asked him not to quit sports because he is now only 30 years old, but because he has all chances to become a member of the next Olympics. He also asked rhetorical questions about why no one was punished, if at the Games in Sochi were violated doping control, for the observance of which meets the WADA – World anti-doping Agency.