Агата Муцениеце поделилась трогательным фото дочери The actress first went for a walk with a newborn MIA. Agatha muceniece told about the day of “first things” from the life of his little daughter.

      Агата Муцениеце поделилась трогательным фото дочери

      Last Wednesday, March 9, the happy father and a famous actor Pavel Priluchny took his wife from the hospital Agatha muceniece and newborn daughter MIA. The baby was the second child of the star couple – the birth of a sister was looking forward to the older brother of MIA, three-year-old Timothy.

      Yesterday a young mother Agatha muceniece told subscribers of the microblogging about the day of “first things” of life newborn MIA. Babe visited a doctor and at the same time took a walk around spring city, of course, as befits a girl of her age, without leaving the chair. “Today is the day of “first cases”, we first went for a walk on the street, and, very importantly, we had our first checkup at the pediatrician,” – said the star of “public school”, adding that she delighted specialists the children’s center, which she and her husband chose to monitor the health and development of the baby. The post Agatha muceniece was accompanied by a touching picture of his daughter. The little girl grabbed her mother’s delicate fingers thumb and never wants to let go. “It’s really cute! My favourite actress was born little angel. I heartily congratulate you and wish your little angel always be healthy!”, “How cute!”, “How touching,” the touched by predictable, respond to post with a baby fans of Agatha muceniece.

      Агата Муцениеце поделилась трогательным фото дочери

      As the eldest son of Agatha muceniece Priluchny Paul and Timothy, three-year-old boy gladly took on the role of older brother, and apparently not jealous of little sister to their parents. Went out for a walk with MIA, Timothy proudly wheeled carriage, entrusted to him by mom and dad. “Tim! I’m so proud of them! It’s real and the best older brother in the world! Umnichka! – not hiding emotions, signed photo with children Agatha muceniece. – Also, we have the most beautiful stroller on the block!”

      It is worth noting that despite a huge love of children, Agatha and Paul muceniece Priluchny even before the birth of his daughter talked about the fact that will give yourself the opportunity to relax without children. “Otherwise you can go crazy, says Agatha. – I think, without such breaks nothing will. Mom and dad should stay together, even if they have the best and most obedient children in the world.”

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