Naked picture Gluk’oza has caused heated debate

Обнаженное фото Глюк’оZы вызвало жаркие споры The singer showed all its advantages. Gluk’oza fans who saw footage of her photo shoot for men’s magazine, was divided into two hostile camps.

      Обнаженное фото Глюк’оZы вызвало жаркие споры

      Singer Natalia Ionova, better known under his pseudonym Gluk’oza despite two pregnancies, childbirth and related process changes shape, has managed to maintain stunning form. The star never misses a chance to demonstrate this publicly. She unabashedly appears in revealing outfits that highlight its advantages, not so long ago appeared almost completely. The singer graced the cover of the March issue of the popular men’s glossy magazine Maxim.

      But for those of his fans who have not had time to buy the latest issue of the magazine, Gluk’oza has decided to please, published in the microblog a few photos from candid photoshoot. Spicy picture, which Natalia Ionova is sitting on her bed, covering the most beautiful parts of the body snow-white sheets, provoked a strong reaction among the followers of a microblog beautiful singer and mother of two daughters. Followers of the singer immediately split into two warring camps, arranging a discussion on the themes of decency and violation of its limit. And while some admire the beauty of Gluk’oza, calling her a goddess, others condemn her desire to be naked and to be very Frank.

      “I don’t understand how a wife and mother of two children can afford. Reveal your secret!”, “Is too”, “I’m not only married, but all the girls on the covers of Mahim’t understand. What do they want?”, – puzzled some. Others believe that if a young woman so good and beautiful that can be a great motivator for their peers with children, why would she not do. “Looking at these beauties from the covers, quickly throw a sandwich and fall to the floor to do my crunches! Such photos is such an incentive! Especially for young mothers,” wrote one of the girls.

      It is worth noting that a great figure Gluk’oza is not a gift of nature, but the result of the singer on yourself. It is known that in order to maintain themselves in great shape Gluk оZе have to strictly follow the diet, she does yoga and dances. By the way, just a couple of weeks ago, fans of the singer discussing her new “naked” dress, a La Irina Shayk. Comparing the figures of top models and Gluk’oza, they came to the conclusion that the vocalist looks no worse than the star of world podiums, which, incidentally, has not become a mother.


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