Агата Муцениеце подарит сыну малыша
The actress appealed to fans for advice.

Agata Muceniece

Agata muceniece is going to fulfill the cherished dream of the older
son of Timon. The actress decided to give the boy a kitten, and now consults with
friends, what breed to choose, and in what shelter to buy. Important
factor for the stars is the hypoallergenic cats, and nature.

“I want to Do for the New year to give kitten — shared with
the subscribers of his microblog agate. — Need not fluffy, if you have any
hypoallergenic cats? And another question, what breed is the most intelligent and affectionate? Maybe
who knows the great kennel in Moscow?”

Fans of the actress have listed seem to all existing
breeds of cats, but agreed that hypoallergenic cats are simply not
it happens, and immediately moved to disputes, cats what breed is the most affectionate and intelligent.
Top 3 headed Sphynx, Abyssinian and Cornish Rex cats.