Garik Martirosyan will call, who will get 7 million

Гарик Мартиросян назовет того, кто получит 7 миллионов
30 December on TNT will start the last in the history of the end of the show “Comedy battle”. The winner of the season will receive 7 million rubles.

Гарик Мартиросян назовет того, кто получит 7 миллионов

Sergey Svetlakov, Semyon Slepakov, Garik Martirosyan

Photo: TNT

The fate of the giant prize pool will decide the artist, Sergey Svetlakov for the first time this season Garik Martirosyan. Leading
Pavel Volya. But before you go on stage “Comedy battle”, Paul will present his
fresh stand-up, recorded December 1 in Moscow Crocus city Hall. Though
no matter what, Paul will again devote part of his speech to his beloved wife Rosie,
children Sofia and Robert, and also remember the most notable events of the year.

And immediately after Large stand-a big two-hour finale of “Comedy
Battle”, in which 19 units will compete for 7 million rubles. According to the jury —
the current final — the strongest in the history of the project. Remembering past
seasons, Garik Martirosyan noted that earlier humorists, literally crawled to
the final, barely alive came on stage and gave the humor is not of the highest
quality. Now all the participants were perfectly prepared and came to an end in
his best form. Sergei Svetlakov generally expressed the view that such
finals have never been in the history of the show.

Paul Will

Photo: TNT

Along with talented newcomers mark Sergeenko, Ivan
By Yastrebov, Alexander by Burdacheva, duets “risk Group” and “Hey”, “Anton
and Alex” for 7 million argue permanent members of the buttle Zoe Yarovitsyna,
Alexey Bolshov, uncle Victor, the Duo “Lena cook”, as well as the residents of Comedy Club
Andrew Beburishvili, Igor Chekhov and Mikhail Kukota.

Moreover, one of the finalists gained
courage and despite the fact that this year played only a cash prize
asked Garik Martirosyan to take him to the Comedy Club.