Have Stesi Malikova came a rich fan

У Стеши Маликовой появился богатый поклонник
16-year-old daughter Dima Malikov accepts expensive gifts.

Stesha Malikova

Photo: @steshamalikova/Instagram

Stesha Malikova long concealed a new fan from friends and acquaintances. But all the secret sooner or later becomes apparent. Recently
Stephanie posted a blog with the romantic bouquet, signing it: “What
such a love?” — asked the little boy. “Yesterday I gave my
the jacket the girl is wearing it, and the heat was in me,” he said…”
In the same post she said and her suitor. They turned out to be Leonid Gruzdev, Jr.
the son ex-the Governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev.

It is known that the mother and father of Stephanie’s choice daughters approve.

We will remind, recently in the family of Dmitry and Elena Malkovich
happened exciting events: their 16-year-old daughter Stephanie’s first performance in
dad’s show and officially launched the high life — appeared at the Ball
debutantes. Dmitry Malikov never forced his daughter to continue
a musical dynasty: “In my childhood, my wife gave Stesha a possibility to choose
what she likes: her daughter was engaged in music, dancing, swimming, acting
skill. To make music her profession, she did not want. Then at some
moment said: “be an actress”. Lena warned her: “And life will
wait for the call Director…” Stesha replied, “Then I would become a Director!” In
last year my daughter attended the preparatory acting course at GITIS.
Was there every Sunday for six hours! And the result said, “No,
the hypocrisy is not for me.” But on the stage Stephanie still came out in
as a DJ in a musical performance of the father “Flip the game”, which now is
in Theater stage.