Again? Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing

Снова за старое? Линдси Лохан обвинили в краже
The police forced the actress to back.

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan in trouble again. After a series of interrogations, police forced actress
supposedly has to return her things.

police Charing Cross, Lindsay
called at the request of her ex-boyfriend Egor Tarabarova. He wrote
a statement which officially accused Lohan of stealing some things belonging to him — for the sum of 24,000 pounds. As a result, the police questioned three times
Lindsay. And even though she categorically denied his guilt, claiming that all
specified in the application Tarabarova items were donated to them she, the actress
prefer to return some things. Among the returned Lohan was a Rolex watch over 3500 thousand pounds,
jewels and a few clothing items. While Lindsay managed to defend their right
keep another clock of the same class and a massive gold cross – given to her as
she assured, godfather Egor.

said that all of his belongings were allegedly stolen by the actress from the apartment in London
they at one time rented together during their affair. Buddy
Yegor told a reporter for,
Tarabanov before you go to the police, alleged a few months asked
Lindsay to return things, but that left all his calls unanswered.

that love story Lohan and Tarasova began in March last year. Then Lindsay
laid out in his microblog joint photo with Egor and signed: “I love it!”
The actress simply glowed with happiness and could not hide that he wants to marry
Tarabarova married, and have kids with him. It all ended very badly. After
wild scandal in which she accused Yegor treason, and that, in her
words, tried to strangle her, they broke up…