VIDEO: Victoria Lopyreva was reunited with former boyfriend

ВИДЕО: Виктория Лопырева воссоединилась с бывшим бойфрендом
Russian model rested at the resort with a famous singer.

Victoria Lopyreva and Nikolay Baskov were seen together on one of the elite resorts of Turkey. Came former beloved there, however, for work. They were invited to Antalya for DossoDossiFashionShow. However, they had enough free time to plunge into memories.

Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva

Photo: @nikolaibaskov Instagram Nikolai Baskov

On one of the published videos in the Vic Network gently probably old memory, called Nicholas “favorite”, than has provoked rumors about the reunion. Fuel to the fire and poured himself Basque, commented on the holiday with lopyrevoy. “Together again , around again…. Like old friends, and every meeting is like the first time!” — posted by Nikolai on social networks.

We will remind that Nikolay after the novel with lopyrevoy already changed a few of the fairer sex and is now in the status of the groom. The bride is a “natural blond” is Sophie Kalcheva. But Victoria’s personal life is not “glued” around her revolves a large number of fans, but none of them she has not made a serious relationship.