After the divorce, Jolie moved to the former wife of Charlie sheen

После развода Джоли переехала к бывшей жене Чарли Шина

A few days before the world to announce her divorce from brad pitt, Angelina Jolie had rented a house in Malibu, where she moved with the children. Thus, the actress has decided to completely break the connection with her husband, to avoid a possible domestic showdown and more.

According to foreign media reports, luxury home in Malibu, rent of which is 95 thousand dollars a month, Jolie was not liked. Angie decided to relocate and appealed to the former wife of Charlie sheen Denise Richards.

It gave Denise Jolie and her kids mansion, located in a safe place – elite village Hidden Hills. According to media reports, renting a house costs the actress three times cheaper than the previous one thanks to a friendly discount Angelina pays 30 thousand dollars per month.

New living conditions almost fabulous: family available three swimming pools, a cave with a grotto and a Jacuzzi, six bedrooms, large kitchen, home theater, BBQ area with oven and living room with fireplace and much more.

By the way, the neighbors Jolie picked up for her. At any time an actress with children can walk to visit imastu Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, couples Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.